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Everyone seeking Christ is welcomed to worship at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church. This congregation strives to create a warm and open place in which all can come to listen for the voice of God.

We are glad that you are interested in St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church. Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, we welcome and affirm you with open minds, open hearts and open arms. We cherish diversity and welcome all who want to grow in a community of faith. Whether you are visiting our web site or looking for a church home, you can find a place at the table alongside persons from various traditions, viewpoints, backgrounds and orientations. Please give us an opportunity to know you. If you have questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the pastor or any of our members. In the name of Christ, welcome!


Sermon Schedule
- Rev. Elizabeth Lott

* One Thing I Do Know: March 30, 2014

Past Sermons:

* Back to the Well: March 23, 2014
* Broken and Blessed: March 16, 2014
* (Minister: Tim Moon)
* Know Your Truth: March 9, 2014
* Perfectly Imperfect: February 23, 2014
* Leaving Your Gift: February 16, 2014
* Salt and Light: February 9, 2014
* Near The Beginning: February 2, 2014
* (Guest Speaker: Fisher Humphreys)
* Seen and Called: January 26, 2014
* Marked For Hospitality: January 19, 2014
* Recovery: January 12, 2014

* (Minister: Stephanie Little Coyne)
* A Jesus Blessing: January 5, 2014
* To Egypt! To Egypt!: December 29, 2013
* God Is With Us: December 22, 2013
* Go and Tell: December 15, 2013
* Advent 2A Readings: December 8, 2013
* Night Is Gone: December 1, 2013
* Invisible Things: November 24, 2013
* New Day, New Worlds: November 17 , 2013

* Move Over Mr. Coffee: November 10 , 2013

A Tale of Two Cities and Two Churches (Paul R. Powell)
The story of our church is a story of connections, past, present and future.

* The Judas Factor: November 3 , 2013
* A Heart to Heart Talk about Music and Worship: October 13, 2013
* Informed Inspiration: October 6, 2013
* Home (not so) Sweet Home: September 15, 2013
* (Future Pastor: Elizabeth Lott)

* Bless Them and Keep Them, We Pray: May 12, 2013
* (Guest Speaker: Stephanie Little Coyne)

* Lee Preaching Series: November 17-18, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Rev. Amy Butler)
* Lee Preaching Series: November 17-18, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Rev. Amy Butler)
tember 23, 2012
* No Printed Copy, September 16, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Rev. Tim Moon)
* Worship: Duty, Diversion, or Dynamite, August 19, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Dr. Brian Cleveland)
* The Unexpected Benefits of a Delayed Blessing, July 29, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Rev. Sheila Sholes-Ross)
* The Power to Bless, July 1, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Dr. Myron C. Madden)
* The Pattern Language of Fatherhood, June 17, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Kenneth W. Bickford)
* Carry Me!, May 13, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: The Rev. Betty Penton)
* I Will Dance With You, April 15, 2012
* (Guest Speaker: Stephanie Little Coyne)


Worship Services


Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday morning Bible study offers a great opportunity for participants of all ages to dialog in small-group settings. St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church offers classes for all ages, including several options for adults. A full listing of classes is available here.

Worship at 11:00 a.m.

The worship style is classical but not stuffy. This is a "high Baptist" church; we follow the Christian year and, usually, the lectionary readings for the day. The worship service lasts about an hour. We celebrate communion the first Sunday of every month. Many folk ask what they should wear to worship. We are an eclectic church, especially when it comes to fashion. On Sunday mornings you will find some folk in casual attire while others are "dressed to the nines." Parking is available along both sides of St. Charles and Broadway and along all side streets in the area.

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Sunday School Opportunities

Sunday classes meet at 9:30 a.m. in various rooms throughout the building.

Toddlers and Preschoolers
Toddlers and preschoolers through age 5 meet in the nursery suite on the first floor of the education wing (Broadway side of the church). The children are cared
for by our capable nursery staff, Maija Robertson and Ashley Sanders.

Children Grades 1-6
Children in these grades meet in the bright and airy classroom on the first floor room on the Sanctuary side of the building. Dr. Flora Blackstock and Rev. Lynn Hyder co-teach this class of active youngsters using “The Way of the Child” plan of studies.

Youth Grades 7-12
Youth meet in the Green Room on the first floor below the Sanctuary. Stephanie Little Coyne, our Youth Director, has significant experience working with teens. She leads the class in discussions on a broad range of ethical and moral lessons. The youth also participate regularly in ministry activities including the NO/AIDS walk and collecting food for Second Harvest Food Bank. They initiated and continue to assist in the church's paper recycling program.

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The Phillips Class for Adults
This class for adults of all ages is led by Clay Cotton. The class does in-depth studies of selected books of the Bible. Currently they are studying Ezra. The group meets in the Old Parlor just to the left of the outside door that leads to the Chapel.

Formations Class for Adults
Led by Rev. Dick Randels, this class of diverse ages uses the “Formations” Bible study literature published by Smyth and Helwys, along with occasional other class-selected books. They meet in the Parlor which is opposite the kitchen.

Agape Women's Class
This intergenerational class for women is taught by Judie Lide. Their current study is: "The Geography of our Lives: Celebrating & Expanding the Places, Times & Arenas of our Faith"

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Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church is located on historic St. Charles Avenue at Broadway Street in Uptown New Orleans, Louisiana. The church is conveniently located on the St. Charles Ave streetcar line at stop number 39.

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