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A diverse, welcoming congregation in Uptown New Orleans celebrating God's grace on the Avenue for more than 115 years.

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St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church strives to be a dynamic Christian fellowship committed to welcoming all in Jesus' name. We are as diverse as our historic city. We value gathering together for community, worship, and sharing the life of faith. After 115 years, we are still celebrating God's grace on the Avenue. (more here)

We invite you to visit us at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church. Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, we welcome and affirm you with open minds, open hearts and open arms. We cherish diversity and welcome all who want to grow in a community of faith. Whether you are visiting just for today or looking for a church home, you can find a place at the table alongside persons from various traditions, viewpoints, backgrounds and orientations. When you visit, please give us an opportunity to know you by signing the guest register and by joining us for coffee and fellowship at the close of the service. If you have questions or requests, please do not hesitate to speak with the pastor or any of our members. In the name of Christ, welcome!


To sustain a worshiping fellowship, experiencing the awareness of and fellowship with God and fellow believers.

To be a church that ministers unselfishly to persons in our church, community and world.

To be a church that emphasizes the stewardship of life, personality and possessions to the lordship of Christ.

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Key Beliefs:

Priesthood of the believer

We believe each person is free to be his or her own priest before God.

Individual Freedom

We believe persons are free to make their own personal decisions on matters of faith and be responsible for them. The Bible is our textbook. We are free to study the Bible as individuals and exercise scholarly interpretation of Scripture, as led by God's spirit.

A Free Church in a Free State

We believe in the separation of church and state. No government shall impose itself on worship, instruction or way of life.

Autonomy of the Local Church

Under the authority of Jesus Christ, the local church is free, through democratic government of members, to shape its own life and mission.

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The History of SCABC

On April 16, 1885, a Baptist mission of Coliseum Baptist Church was begun in unused servants' quarters of the corner of Maple and Cherokee Streets. On November 16, 1898, twenty-six charter members created the Carrollton Baptist Church.

In 1901, the city of Carrollton was annexed by the city of New Orleans. The small congregation of Carrollton Baptist Church purchased property on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Hillary Street and changed the church name to Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church. The lot on the corner of St. Charles Avenue and Audubon Street was purchased in 1924, and in 1926 the church moved to its present location.

Throughout its history, the church proved instrumental in the development of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, the Southern Baptist hospital and every other Baptist Home Mission agency in New Orleans. Indeed, the church has always fostered a strong emphasis and interest in both home and foreign missions. Over fifty foreign missionaries have been members of Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church.

Despite its relatively small size, Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church is known and respected throughout Baptist life for its innovative ideas and creative leadership. For example, the church has always invited women to fill important leadership positions. In 1971, Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church became the first Baptist church in Louisiana to ordain women as deacons. In 1980, the church became the first Baptist church in Louisiana to ordain a woman to the Gospel ministry.

Striving to be a prophetic voice of faith in New Orleans and beyond, Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church works to build and maintain an attitude of openness and a spirit of acceptance, affirming and living out true Baptist ideals. In a business session, held Sunday, May 27, 2001, Saint Charles Avenue Baptist Church considered, voted on and accepted the decision to end affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

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